Monday 29 January 2024

Sutherland Grange KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) 28th January 2024

 How Do All,

After my last attempt to photograph Dorney rowing lake from my kite line, I decided I needed to be at the opposite end of the lake and across the River Thames to get a better overall picture of the lake.

The above picture is a composite of two photos stitched together using a computer program called Hugin. 
I'm not so clever at working with it so this picture has a small fault but can you see it?

I had hoped to get my camera situated so I could get a shot including the River Thames running along the length of the lake alongside but the very light wind was blowing from the south, this put my kite and camera on the wrong side of the lake, however the photos I did take came out pretty good non the less.

Dorney rowing lake with the River Thames winding its way around.
The building at the end of the lake is the Eton College rowing centre and boat house.
Maidenhead can be seen just behind the far end of the lake.

Royal Windsor Race Course (horse racing) which has a yacht basin (marina) and and lodges. 
The industrial sprawl of Slough can been seen running along the horizon. 

An over head picture of the inlet from the River Thames which leads to the yacht basin.

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