Saturday 30 March 2024

"The Last Survivors" KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) 30th March 2024

 How Do All,

Today I cycled back to Runnymede to see the "The Last Survivors" Willow and stainless steel sculptures by Sara Holmes, Commisioned by The National Trust, Installed at Runnymede, site of Magna Carta, Old Windsor, UK

See Sara's Facebook page:

I took along some kites and 3 different KAP rigs (Kite Aerial Photography) to play with in the hope of getting some nice pictures of the sculptures from the kites eye view.

The wind was very fickle and coming from the south, over the tree covered ridge making it difficult to keep the kite up, let alone a camera rig. 

I did get my DJI Pocket II camera rig to fly a short while and got some ok photos, but I've got all summer to go play kites and KAP at Runnymede so hopefully I'll get some better shots!

I decided to give up trying for the money shot and got out my pointer kite instead which sparked quite a interest, and made me some new friends, two of which; Ebenezer and Xena ( I'm still not convinced they are their real names ) ended up going away seasoned kite flyers after spending time flying my pointer kite; and then my 9 foot delta which I was using for the KAP, they both handled the kites really well and I do hope they buy a kite or ten and join me again sometime.

Ebenezer flying the 6 meter tall Pointer kite 

Inside each of the willow sculptures are a series of poems, here two of the many, all of which were written by young offenders serving time, school children, a judge, a policeman and I forget whom else, maybe a milkman.